Canal Zone 1960's Photos
Volume Number 1

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PCC Administration Building and Albrook Air Filed.
Aircraft Carrier USS Constellation.
Gorgas Hospital
Madden Dam.
PCC Admin Bldg. Constellation Gorgas Hospital Madden Dam

Miraflores Locks.
The old and new Locks mules.
Panama Railroad
Rotterdam entering Balboa.
Miraflores Old and new Panama Railroad Rotterdam

Southbound at Gamboa.
Ship at Contractors Hill.
PCC Tivoli Guest House.
Tokyo Bay in the Cut
Gamboa Ship in Cut Tivoli Guest House Tokyo Bay

Canal Zone Seal.

A special presentation for by:
Joseph W. DuVall
April 10, 2000

Photos by: The Panama Canal Company - Graphics Branch

All images on this page are from the private collection of:

Joseph W. DuVall

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