US Army Armored Trains

Courtesy George Chevalier

Armored trains of the US Army in the PCD from 1928 to the end of WW11 were cut up for scrap at the end of the War so no remains are left to see and the troopers who served from the 1950's on never saw these and may have never heard of them.

Patterned after the success of the Rail Way Guns of WWI, the Army had four of these 14" monsters created with two being sent to Panama. Operated by the men of the 4th Coast Artillery they were kept at Ft. Amador and would be pulled to a turntable on Culebra Island [Joined to Naos Island] or hauled over to Ft. Randolph were another turntable awaited them. A thrilling sight for the kids to watch them in operation.

Nov.1903 and the first armored train as manned by the US Naval Landing party with a 1 Pounder rapid fire cannon sticking out the back of a PRR freight car. Photo taken along side the Maduro Photo Studio on Front Street

Drawing of the 14" gun and it's carriage

Finished gun assembly at the Watertown Arsenal

Unloading of 14" Rail Gun assembly at Paraiso on Aug.18,1928

Gun Train in the PRR Yards by Diablo on it's way to the Atlantic Side. The make up of the train was as follows: Two PRR 2-6-0 locomotives, Two flat cars, 14" g Gun, Two flat cars, One projectile car, One powder car, One flat car, 14" Gun, One flat car, Two tool cars [box cars ], One plotting car, One baggage car equipped with a field kitchen, Two passenger cars, One caboose

Gun Train crossing the Gamboa Bridge

Gun having rail road trucks removed as it is downloaded to a turntable

Gun fully downloaded to turntable on Culebra Island , Ft. Amador

14" Rail Road Gun firing

14" gun with gasoline run power unit attached