Pre - WWII US Military Crests in Panama

Collection courtesy George Chevalier

2nd Coast Artillery

1924 to 1932

Ft. Sherman

Motto; "Fidus Ultra Finum"

1st. Coast Artillery

after 1932

Forts DeLessups, Randolph &


Motto; "Primus Inter Pares"

4th Coast Artillery

1924 to 1944

Ft. Amador & Ft. Kobbe

Motto; "Audacia "

65th Coast Artillery [ Air Defense]

1st and 2nd Battn sent to the PCD in 1924

The 3rd Battn activated at Ft. Randolph in 1926.

Unit was inactivated at Ft. Amador in 1932

having served anti-aircraft guns through out the CZ.

Motto; "Sursum"

The 10th Inf. was the first US Army unit.

Arrived 1911-Departed 1917 ,

Based at Camp Otis [ Las Cascadas ]

Motto ; "Courage and Fidelity MDCCCLV"

May have returned in some form after WW11

5th Infantry

1914 to 1917 at Empire.

In 1916 gave up 514 men to form the 33rd Inf.

Returned from 1939 to 1943 at Camp Paraiso

Motto ; "I'll Try Sir"

2nd Field Artillery was formed in 1927

from the 1st Battn of the 4th F/A

and designated the 2nd Battn of the 2nd F/A.

The rest of the 4th F/A was deactivated.

The new 2nd F/A stayed at Ft.Davis until moving to

Ft. Clayton in 1933 until going overseas early in WWII.

Motto; "The Second First "

12th Cavalry [Horse] 1st Sq.

From 1916 to 1921 at Corozal

Motto; "Semper Paratus"

33rd Infantry, The Canal Zones Own.

Formed in 1916 and stationed on the WestBank

until moving to Ft. Clayton in 1920.

Departed in 1941

Reactivated and returned to Ft. Clayton 1946-1948.

May have seen later service in some form in later years.

Never saw service within the continental US.

Motto; "Ridentes Venimus" [Smiling We Come]

13th Infantry

1939 to 1940 at Ft. Davis

Motto; "First At Vicksburg "

42 nd. Infantry

Activated in the CZ of Puerto Rican Troops

1922 to 1927

stationed at Camp Gaillard [Culebra]

14th Infantry

1920 to 1943 at Ft. Davis

Motto; "The Right Of The Line"

11th Combat Engineers

1920 to 1943

First at Corozal and then in finale

years at Ft. Clayton.

Motto; "Forward "

6th Composite Group

First major Air Corps unit on the CZ

1922 to 1930s at France Field.

Composed of Bombing,Observation and Pursuit Sqs.

Motto; "Parati Defendere"

This was the most sought after of all military pins

by CZ Brats in the early 1930s

Additional Pre - WWII units in Panama

  • 29th Inf. 1915 to 1918 at Camp Gaillard [Culebra]
  • 5th Coast Artillery 1918-1918 Ft. Amador

  • 16th Coast Artillery 1918-1919 Ft Randolph & Ft Sherman

  • 4th Field Artillery 1916-1918 Corozal, 1921-1927 Ft. Davis

  • 87 Field Artillery 1940-1942 Ft. Davis

  • 158 th Inf. [AZ/NG] Jan.1942 -Dec. 1942 Chorrera

  • 150th Inf. [W Va/NG} 1941-1946 Ft. Clayton

  • 550 Inf. Airborne 1941-1943 Ft. Kobbe

  • 501st Parachute Battalion 1941-1942 Ft. Kobbe

By 1943 all most all US Army Inf. and Artillery were Puerto Rican

Units doing the Canal Defense functions.